Executable Campaigns: Learn how executables can drive efficiency & impact

Feb 29, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Learn how Marketo Champs have used Executable Campaigns to solve for a variety of problems including automatically retrying failed processes.

About this event

Get ready for the next Champ Deep Dive into the practical applications of Executable Campaigns within Marketo.

This session is tailored for everyone from Marketo admins to strategic campaign operations professionals, and focuses on understanding & deploying executable campaigns to immediately add value to your campaigns and programs, create efficiencies and drive growth.

Key insights include:

The 101s of Executable Campaigns: Learn the differences between executable campaigns and other automated and triggered workflows - and when its best to use either, the key benefits of using executables, and tips and tricks to help you build efficiently.

Automating Failed Processes: Learn how to use executable campaigns to automate the handling of failed processes, ensuring seamless operations and minimizing manual intervention. Discover strategies to identify and rectify errors efficiently, improving overall workflow reliability.

Creating an Operational Center of Excellence: Explore how executable campaigns can streamline contact source identification, scoring data hygiene and enrichment processes. Discover techniques to optimize these critical steps, reducing redundancy and improving accuracy to build a more robust "original processing" flow.

Join us for actionable insights and practical strategies to help elevate your Marketo expertise by creating process, QA and data efficiencies.


  • Courtny Edwards Jones


    Marketing Operations Manager

  • Jane Musatova


    Global B2B Marketing Operations Manager


  • Chris Willis

    GTM Wranglers

    Founder and Principal Consultant



Thursday, February 29, 2024
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


6:00 PMWelcome and overview
6:15 PMExecutable campaigns explained
6:30 PMUse Cases
6:45 PMQ&A


  • Brad Bedford


    Marketing/Ops - Practitioner

  • Jimmy Spencer


    Marketing/Ops - Mgr

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