Your Lack of Planning is NOT my EMERGENCY!

Austin MUG

Thu, Apr 8, 9:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

How many times has someone else's lack of planning turned into your EMERGENCY?

In today's undefined work from home environment, days turn into Blursdays and requests come flying in from all directions like a firetruck rushing to a burning building. Many times these requests are unplanned and burning fast, leaving you with a small hose to put them out.

How do you navigate these emergencies and keep your hair from burning off?

Join us for our first AMUG meetup of 2021 on Thursday, April 8th at 4pm CT to learn how you can navigate and plan for unplanned work. In the Meetup: "Your lack of Planning is NOT my EMERGENCY!"

Together with Anthony Figgins, RevOps Consultant at Figgins Consulting will define 3 strategies to help MOP leaders navigate and plan for unplanned work that will help you:

1. Know how to re-prioritize tasks and projects without killing your team

2. Document the process and communicate effectively on change-order

3. Allocate resources with the needed skillset to get work done right

Thank you to Capital Factory for sponsoring AMUG Meetup. Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. They meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors and customers.


  • Anthony Figgins

    Figgins Consulting

    RevOps Consultant


  • Karen Fowler

    Upbeat Consulting


  • Anthony Figgins

    Technology Expert

    Marketing/Ops - Dir/VP


Capital Factory

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