Marketo Hacks: Outside the Lines

Dallas MUG

Thu, Sep 26, 9:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

Marketo provides a powerful toolset that is second to none in the marketing automation space. LPs, emails, smart campaigns, programs, CRM sync—the native WYSIWYG tools are impressive and cover the majority of MOps needs.

Sometimes, though, there are edge cases and specific business requirements that don't fit perfectly within the native Marketo UI paradigm. In these scenarios, it is sometimes necessary to tap some of Marketo's not-so-obvious solutions—to color outside the lines to create your own picture of Marketo success.

Join your fellow Marketo practitioners in September to discuss real-world solutions to common but complex Marketo-related challenges. Ryan Vong, founder and CEO at Marketo consultancy Digital Pi, will share ways to extend Marketo's powerful native toolset with additional custom functionality, including:

• Dynamic multi-language Marketo forms

• Best practices UTM methodology

• Data-driven dynamic email content with Velocity scripting

• Using webhooks to push Marketo events and data to other systems

• Custom Slack alerts from CRM events

• Pushing Marketo data into Google Sheets

• Automated CSV import and export via Marketo REST API

• Creating Marketo programs en masse from CSV data

• Monitoring Marketo API usage by integration/app

• Diagnosing Marketo performance issues

• Troubleshooting, optimizing sync issues

Our sponsor, Digital Pi, will provide refreshments and free Marketo code for attendees. Don't miss it! We look forward to seeing you there!


Ryan Vong, CEO, Digital Pi

Host and Sponsor:

Digital Pi


  • J Bourne

    Cognizant Netcentric

    Martech Solutions Architect


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