Everything email deliverability (and why it's more important than you think)

European VMUG

Thu, Mar 11, 4:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

Email deliverability is complicated. There’s a lot of nuances, countless factors affecting inbox placement, and almost just as many ways to detect an issue.

Optimizing your email program involves proactive monitoring of a variety of data points, including:

✅ Blocklist monitoring

✅ Email statistics

✅ Postmaster tools (including Microsoft’s SNDS, Google Postmaster tools and ISP Feedback Loops)

✅ Seed testing aka “Inbox Placement testing”

✅ Email rendering and anti-spam filter tests

✅ Bounce messages - looking for increases in invalid addresses as well as ISP blocks, authentication failures, etc

✅ Customer complaints about emails landing in spam or going missing

Our speaker Lauren Meyer is someone who can answer questions on all those topics - Lauren brings more than 14 years of experience in the email, anti-abuse, deliverability and compliance industry to her current role at SocketLabs and now to our user group.


  • Lauren Meyer


    EVP of Product Marketing & Brand Strategy


  • Warren Stokes

    Kniva Ltd