Deep-dive on Deliverability & How-to Audit an Instance

Jun 22, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Ensure your recipients are actually getting your emails and learn how to audit a Marketo instance.

About this event

For this London Marketo User Group, we are joined by two Marketo champions who will be sharing best practice around email deliverability and instance auditing. A great opportunity to quench your thirst for advanced Marketo concepts, and learn from the very best to be prepared for any situation.

7 tips to improve your email Deliverability and Inbox Placement
Ajay Sarpal, Founder and CEO of Unicorn Martech DBA

Marketing teams spend a lot of time crafting emails, designing them, making them mobile responsive, A/B testing the subject lines; and also spending money on events to add new names for email nurture. But how can you be sure if the recipients will ever get the opportunity to read your email? 

This session will cover how to ensure inbox placement, how to avoid spam traps and identify ISP complaints.

How-to: Marketo Instance Audit
Darshil Shah, Consultant, Deloitte Digital

At some point on your Marketo journey, whether in-house or at an agency, you will need to do an audit of your/a Marketo instance.  

This session will cover everything you need to know, starting with the whys, hows and whens of a Marketo Instance Audit, key things to audit across Admin, Marketing Activities, Database, Design Studio and Analytics; and finally how to collate audit results and findings.

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Courtny, Adele & Emily


  • Ajay Sarpal

    Unicorn Martech DBA

    Founder and CEO

  • Darshil Shah

    Deloitte Digital




Wednesday, June 22, 2022
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


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  • Adele Miller


    Senior Marketing Technology Manager

  • Courtny Edwards


    Marketing Operations Manager

  • Emily Poulton

    Lady Ylime Limited


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