All About Consulting with Society of Marketing Technology Consultants

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Thu, Jan 14, 8:00 PM (UTC)

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How do you find the right consultant to help you meet your organization’s goals for its Marketo instance? Is a Certified Partner necessary or can an independent consultancy serve your needs? What qualities make for a great consulting relationship from the client and from the agency?

Courtney McAra and Grant Grigorian are two experienced marketing automation consultants who started their own podcast called The Society of Marketing Technology Consultants. Their program helps to share the stories of other independent consultants, and the challenges and rewards along this career path.

A special cross-presentation with the Society of Marketing Technology Consultants… 


  • Courtney McAra

    Mustang MarTech

    Marketing Operations Consultant

  • Grant Grigorian

    SignalOn Consulting

    B2B Marketing Analytics Consultant


  • Michael Tucker

    The Conversion Store



Conversion Store

The MO Pros