Adobe Marketo Engage Community Coffee Break - Inheriting a Marketo Instance

Jan 18, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Join us on January 18th for an exciting opportunity to ask Adobe Marketo Engage Champions about their best tips, tricks, and best practices on what to audit as an admin when you inherit a Adobe Marketo Engage instance. Come join us for this live discussion, only on the Marketing Nation Community!

About this event

About this event

Join us for our next Adobe Marketo Engage Community Q&A Coffee Break taking place on Thursday, January 18th from 9am - 10am PST.

Inheriting a Marketo Engage instance as a new or experienced administrator can be challenging. There's a lot to manage, from understanding Marketo program structures and naming conventions to auditing data cleanliness. Join our coffee break on Inheriting a Marketo Instance to get answers from the latest cohort of Adobe Marketo Engage Champions - where they'll share solutions based on their collective experiences as best-in-class marketers. Be sure to register now for event reminders and a calendar invitation!


This text-only event takes place on the Marketing Nation Community. Post your burning questions, hot tips, key takeaways, and let’s chat about them! Our experts will be interacting live for that hour.

For some guidance, here are some example questions and topics you can ask these experts about. Remember, if you're curious about ANY of these, don't hesitate to ask them during or leading up to the Coffee Break session:

  • Which key stakeholders should be involved in an audit?
  • What are some "best practice" auditing goals?
  • How is person source and acquisition program being updated?
  • When should you archive?
  • Have any triggered campaigns been turned off accidentally?
  • What is currently being stamped for lead lifecycle and what should be? (and why should you care)
  • What should I be looking for during my audit?
  • How do I keep track of what I find during my audit?
  • What do I do after I complete my audit?
  • How many admins do you have in the instance? Should they all need to be admin?
  • Do you have a robust Privacy Policy operational program in place for UK, Canada, Brazil Australia, USA, India to name a few?
  • Does your Segmentation cover all the company needs – regions, sub regions, languages, products/services, endusers/partners?


Please note this is a TEXT-ONLY event, meaning that there will be no webinar, video call, or recording. All questions and answers will occur on the hyperlinked thread!

If you cannot make the live Q&A, you can still ask your questions in advance using the above Community thread link.


  • Must be signed into the Marketing Nation Community during the 1-hour period
  • Must post an Adobe Marketo Engage question or comment on Inheriting an Marketo Instance
  • Must tag any or all Inherited Instance experts in your question (@maria_cruz1, zoe_forman, robynhatfield, alysha_khan23)
  • You can ALSO post your question or comment to the Q&A session in advance if you are unable to attend the live event
  • Please note this is a TEXT-ONLY event, meaning that there will be no webinar, video call, or recording. All questions and answers will occur on this thread!


  • Alysha Khan


    Consulting Services Manager

  • Zoe Forman

    MSA - The Safety Company

    EMEA Sr. Marketing Operations Specialist

  • Maria Cruz


    Sr. Marketing Orchestration Director

  • Robyn Hatfield


    Director of Marketing Operations


  • Jon Chen


    Sr. Community Manager


  • Jonathan Chen


    Marketing/Ops - Practitioner

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