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Automate Global Consent Management with Marketo

Feb 29, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Join our next Nordic MUG session where we have invited one of the Marketo partners out of Copenhagen, Atcore, to tell us how we can leverage Marketo for efficient global consent management. Join us to discover a practical and proven approach to streamline your consent management processes.

About this event

Hello all and welcome to the next installment of the Nordic MUG.

We have invited the Marketo implementation partner Atcore to come and present an approach to consent management with Marketo.

We will hear Mikkel Duus and Rasmus Balling present how they have done this for current customers.

The agenda will be as follows:

• Introduction to levels of complexity: Get an overview of different setups displaying their underlying complexity – from simple email consent to multichannel consent management.

• Preliminary process: Learn a step-by-step approach to define the scope of your consent management.

• Building the blueprint: Understand how to outline the Marketo setup necessary to accommodate the scope of your consent management.

• Marketo setup examples: Get inspiration for setting up the consent management logic in Marketo.

We are really looking forward to this approach to a challenge that we know a lot of us have run into at some point in time.

We hope to see you at the session.

All the best,

Veronica, Nick & Michael



  • Mikkel Duus


    Marketing Automation Consultant

  • Rasmus Balling


    Head of Marketing Automation


  • Veronica Lazarovici


    Marketing Ops Manager

  • Michael Knudsen


    Sr. Solution Consultant

  • Nick Deboo


    Marketing Operations Manager


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