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[Tips/Tricks] Unlocking Deliverability With Marketo Engage

Jul 12, 2023, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

Join our webinar, "[Tips/Tricks] Unlocking Deliverability With Marketo Engage," and master the art of email deliverability! Discover practical techniques to boost inbox placement and explore free and paid tools that marketing pros can use to chase that elusive high deliverability score. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your email deliverability strategy.

About this event

Join Akande and Raja with GNW Consulting during this power-packed webinar, "[Tips/Tricks] Unlocking Deliverability With Marketo Engage," and dive into the world of email deliverability like never before! Uncover proven techniques and practical strategies that will bolster inbox placement and discover how to fine-tune your content, segment your audience effectively, and build a reliable sender reputation to ensure your emails hit their intended inbox. We'll also unveil the best free-to-use (and paid) tools that marketing operations professionals can use to improve deliverability. Secure your spot now!


  • Akande Davis

    GNW Consulting

    Director of Operations

  • Raja Walia

    GNW Consulting



  • Raja Walia

    GNW Consulting LLC

    Principal Consultant

  • Akande Davis

    GNW Consulting


  • Megan C

    Palo Alto Networks

    Marketing/Ops - Mgr

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