RDU Virtual MUG: Intent Based Scoring

Raleigh-Durham MUG

Thu, Nov 18, 10:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

The standard Marketo scoring we all know and love tracks individual activity and elevates active individuals to MQL. The key term there is individual. But is 1 person at an organization doing 6 things more valuable than 6 people doing 1 thing at that same organization? Rich French will walk us through how he set up Intent Based Scoring using 6sense to identify both scenarios so engagement across an organization can trigger Sales outreach.

Please note that we'll be meeting from 5-6pm rather than our usual 6-8pm. If we need to stay online longer to help answer anyone's questions, we're happy to do so!


  • Rich French


    Marketing/Ops - Practitioner

  • John Charlesworth


    Director of Marketing Operations