Call it a Comeback! In-person Salt Lake City MUG!

Salt Lake City MUG

Thu, Oct 27, 9:30 PM (UTC)

About this event

So, it’s been a minute.

The last Salt Lake City Marketo User Group meeting happened in January of 2022. It was a virtual event but even at the beginning of this year, the pandemic was still very much at the forefront of all our minds. Trent and I had grand plans to do all sorts of events this year but then we just didn’t.  We’ve tried to figure out what we want this SLC MUG to be. We’re still trying to figure that out, but we felt it was high time for a meeting.

And an in-person meeting to boot.

Here is what we’re going to do. For October’s meeting, this is the schedule:

1. Welcome + lame jokes (Trent and Andrew)

2. Housekeeping sessions

3. Breakout sessions/roundtable

a. What you’ve learned in 2022

b. What you hope Marketo fixes in 2023

c. What you need help with right now

4. Closing with Networking and Food

And that’s it. We’re also planning an in-person meeting in December so keep an eye out for that. But in the meantime, the big news is that we’re back. And we’re ready to kick the MOPs community here in Salt Lake into high gear. Ready to come join us?

Let’s do this!



Thursday, 27 October
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (MDT)

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  • Trent Cross

    Qualified Digital


  • Andrew Parker

    Leadership Circle

    Marketing/Ops - Dir/VP