It's time for Summit Madness!

Mar 31, 2021, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

It's that time of the year with the upcoming Madness for Adobe Summit. Join us this month to hear from a few of our members select their Final Four Sessions and their finalist Session Winner! From the heavy favorites to the dark horses, the Cinderellas and all in between, come see what sessions are the picks and winners to help you select your bracket and sessions to be a winner!

About this event

March Madness - what a great time of year! After last year cancellations, we're pumped to have the excitement and opportunity to see our favorite teams battle it out on the court once again. 

It's also Adobe Summit time next month (don't forget to register!).  Each year, we all struggle to figure out what sessions to attend, which ones are going to benefit and get that 'nugget' of insights or which ones are duds.  

Not to worry....this year, we have a few of our SLC MUG members going to provide us with their selections and bracket picks.  Who are their Final Four? Any 'dark horses' that make a Cinderella run at the championship and even a winner?  Which session is a bracket buster?  Come hear what your colleagues' bracket picks are and why.  See if their picks and selections match yours or give you an inside track to pick your Final Four as well.  And who knows, we may have our own March Madness playoff as well.

Join us, showcase your favorite team in the tourney, even showcase your Final Four, and have some fun, and learn a little too!


  • Trent Cross

    Marketing Ops/Marketing Leader


  • Andrew Parker

    Leadership Circle

    Marketing/Ops - Dir/VP

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