Salt Lake City: Mastermind Session & Digital Gifting

May 27, 2020, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Join us for a "Mastermind Session" and How to put the Power of Gifting to Work. The Mastermind Session lets you bring your most challenging Marketo issue and take advantage of the experts to help you solve the challenge. We'll also hear from Jignesh Shah, CEO Rybbon, how you can put the power of gifting to work for marketers and cut through the digital noise.

About this event

Join us for our May BYOL MUG meeting and get a free $10 gift card - yep completely free (but only for attendees - we shouldn't have to, but why not build a little incentive here to attend). 

First-half:  Digital Rewards - put the power of gifting to work for marketers by Jignesh Shah, CEO of Rybbon.  Now more than ever, your prospects and customers are being bombarded by digital marketing. Many of us have been overwhelmed by offers and pitches in our emails and social media feeds. Marketers are wondering: how can my organization stand out from the noise? Digital rewards act as a powerful overlay that can superpower your campaigns. Worried that digital rewards are too costly or tedious? You don't have to be. Learn how to efficiently leverage digital rewards to practice empathetic marketing, build brand goodwill, and create human connections with your audience despite physical distance.

Second-half:  "MasterMind" Session.  Bring your Marketo challenges and issues.  We'll ask you for your challenges and issues, then we'll pick one of the entries for the rest of the group to provide their suggestions, ideas, recommendations, and even solve the challenge live and in person!  Take advantage of the collective expertise and experience of the group to help make your life better!  Bring 'em on!

We're excited to have Rybbon be our sponsor this month - look forward to you joining us.


  • Trent Cross

    Marketing Ops/Marketing Leader


  • Andrew Parker

    Leadership Circle

    Marketing/Ops - Dir/VP

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