Tokens with Friends!

San Francisco MUG
Mon, Nov 16, 2020, 12:00 PM (PST)

About this event

Almost every company uses tokens to personalize their email greetings with a first name. But you don’t want your marketing automation to be typical, you want it to be extraordinary!

Tokens are hidden gems that help you to scale your efforts and save you time. 

  • How can tokens help with SEO? 
  • How can tokens help you prevent data loss and sales department rage? 
  • What is velocity script, and how can you use it to personalize your emails?

Join this session to learn how you can use tokens to take your Marketo instance to the next level. We'll cover unique use cases that will help you launch campaigns faster and bring you Admin glory.

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  • Loren Robeck

    Loren Robeck

    Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations

  • Amy Goldfine

    Amy Goldfine


    Senior Marketing Operations Manager


  • Amy Goldfine

    Amy Goldfine


    Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

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  • Jasmine Chung

    Jasmine Chung


    Director, Demand Generation & RevOps

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