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Adobe Summit Recap

Apr 20, 2023, 11:00 PM – Apr 21, 2023, 12:00 AM

If you've got Summit FOMO fever, this virtual SEAMUG event is the cure.

About this event

Whether you were able to attend in-person or are still processing your FOMO, we would like to invite you to attend our upcoming SEAMUG meeting, where we will be providing a comprehensive recap of the most recent Adobe Summit. This event is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the latest trends and best practices in marketing operations.

In this virtual meeting, you will hear the TL;DR from industry experts about the latest developments in marketing automation and gain insights into how to optimize your Marketo instance. You will also have the opportunity to network with other marketing professionals and share your own experiences and ideas from this Adobe Summit as well as past events.

The goal of SEAMUG is to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies that can help you improve your marketing operations. So, join us for an informative and engaging session that will leave you with fresh ideas and a renewed sense of energy and inspiration.

We look forward to seeing you!


  • Nate Smitha


    Director of Operations Consulting Services

  • Joe Reitz


    Marketing/Ops - Dir/VP

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