Tips & tricks for navigating the new Marketo UI's coming!

Nov 2, 2020, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

The new Marketo UI is different. It can be challenging, but there are pros and cons to any significant product update. Let’s talk about it!

About this event

The new Marketo UI is coming and we are here to help all of you navigate these changes. We have a special guest speaker, fellow MUG Leader and Marketo Champion Kimberly Galitz, who will walk us through some of the prominent changes and provide some tips for working in the new Marketo UI to make sure you don't lose productivity. 

 If you use Marketo as part of your job, you are not going to want to miss this meeting. This is the one meeting to invite your colleagues, your friends, maybe even your dog. If you do not know when your scheduled switchover date is, contact your CSM.

Check out Kimberly's latest blog blog post in the Marketo community about what to expect in the new Marketo UI:


  • Kimberly Galitz


    Marketing Operations Manager


  • Jessica Kao


    Sr. Director, Demand Operations

  • Max Maurier


    Sr. Director, Marketing Operations, Analytics, and Growth


  • Jessica Kao


    Marketing/Ops - Dir/VP

  • Don Le


    Marketing/Ops - Mgr

  • Prachi Chheda


    Marekting Operations Manager

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